Why we exist

Catalyst Cohorts is about HOPE.

Hope for a different Future than you might have worried so much about!

As a small to mid-sized business owner you have probably seen these depressing statistics on business failures, but even more so you have lived in the turmoil that causes these people-less statistics. There are no emotions related to statistics, they just become big numbers with no faces. But 70,000 more businesses fail each year than are being opened. Every single one has a face, and many times quite a few faces.

You may worry that someday soon it will include your face.

Catalyst can help!

Failure to survive or failure to grow isn’t a certainty, even if it sometimes feels that way!

Catalyst is a movement

Catalyst targets a special group of Entrepreneurs who have two very specific characteristics:

  1. Passion to grow, AND
  2. Willingness to change

Our Members begin a proven process called Leadership for Leaders (“L4L”) which is like an apprenticeship in the leadership mind set and qualities required to transform their businesses into Scalable Enterprises with extreme growth potential.

Our Enterprise Leaders are trained by Leaders and in turn train others in their businesses and in their life to be Leaders who also train Leaders.

The Catalyst Movement Multiplies Leadership!

And leadership is what is required to build successful organizations, families and


Catalyst Enterprise Leaders are trained to have 5 core competencies:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Disruptive Innovation
  3. Loving service
  4. Heroic Hopes
  5. Faith

Catalyst has its own Heroic Hope; Transformation! As we multiply Leaders who train Leaders our heroic Hope is creation of a movement that will transform our country and eventually our world.

In the last 7 years, per Census Bureau data, the number of companies with 100 or more employees declined by 5%. There are now only 102,000 companies in the USA with over 100 employees.

Our Heroic Hope is to double that number in the next 10 years!