L4L Academy Curriculum

15-20 Minute Lessons- Topical List Built around the Enterprise Wheel Illustration

The L4l Enterprise wheel illustration


9 Paradigms for Heroic Leaders

ViewThe Power of a Paradigm

Overview of Paradigms

ViewThe E Conundrum

What got you here won’t get you THERE!

ViewBuilding Alignment 1

Inspired Team built around your Culture - Who you are and
Your Core Priorities built on foundation of Values

ViewBuilding Alignment 2

Foundations for Inspired Teams;
Relational vs Transactional
Social Covenant
How to Approach Others- When Offended
Six Step Apology

ViewThoughts, Feelings, Actions (TFA)

Controlling the battlefield of the MIND;
The Power of a Positive Choice (sowing and reaping);
Humility – ("Collins- Why the Mighty Fall" # 1 reason Hubris);
Responsibility - It’s my fault (gives me ability to fix)

ViewReactive vs Purposeful Behavior

Solve once for all, Long term view for better decisions;
Finding Levers (theory of constraints); Decision Matrix

Attraction to Disruptive Innovation and Transformation

Getting out of your Mental BOX - Heuristic Bias

ViewCaring Accountability

Willing to confront (opposite of care is apathy)

Enriching the Lives of all Stakeholders

Excellence through Service and Stewardship

Think Win-Win-Win

Golden Rule for Delighting Clients

ViewThe Time of Your Life

Time management for your whole life

Principles That Work


ViewHiring - Organization Charts and BRS

Your Foundation for Success

ViewHiring - Job descriptions

Finding The Right People To Do THE RIGHT THINGS

ViewHiring - Assessments

Everyone is uniquely different

ViewHiring - Process Hiring Right People

Overview of process; Placing ads; Reviewing resumes; Phone interview;
Face to face interview; Making the right choice - Decision Matrix ;
Training and Onboarding

Creating Inspired Teams

Internal vs external motivations, Respect and rewards;
1 on 1’s; Personal KPIs

Compensation plans

Salary; Incentives- Linked to Strategies; Unity

Government Rules and Regulations

HR Manual; Getting help

Discipline/ Terminations

Restoration vs Shame; Moving problems within the organization;
Forgiveness and trust are different


View Know Your Numbers

Why Should I Care?

ViewWhat is Accounting – GAAP

Debits equal Credits; Matching Principle; Conservatism

ViewThe Basics for Reviewing Financial Statements

Cash vs Accrual Accounting; Fixed vs Variable costs;
Balance sheet and Income statement review

View Unit economics

Know how make money; record cost of sales; know margins and %’s

Marketing production and placement

Basics & ROI

Risk Management

Development (Marketing & Sales)

ViewThe Ultimate KPI

Customer Advocate System (CAS)

View Marketing Basics

Sales Basics


Product Development

View Value Proposition

Customer Segments

Activities; Resource needs; Costs

Continuous Improvement Process

The Enterprise Wheel and the Basic Responsibility Structure BRS

Measurement and KPIs

Cant improve what you don’t measure, report and comply

View Action Plans

Finding the levers for value creation change


All success based on accuracy

Cash and Cost Management

Time management

Incentives Aligned to Strategies


Lean Methodology

Scientific Method for Exploration;
Agile Development (Interactive and iterative Product and Customer Development)

Get out of the Box

Try new things applied in new ways


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