About Us

We mentor business owners success using our disruptive systems and secrets

Our Heroic Hope

Catalyst Cohorts is passionate about our Heroic Hope; helping business owners succeed in unprecedented numbers through a disruptive system of leadership transformation. See Why We Exist

We started with the question -

How do we do this so it works, and at a price that anyone can afford?

Best practices on leadership, company management, marketing, sales, infrastructure, productivity, and many other areas
Scientifically backed research on how people learn most effectively and apply what they learned
How great leaders think, act, and are built
Current technology to make every aspect more effective and efficient
Research on what is currently working and not working

Then said, “How can we accomplish our Heroic Hope at a price that anyone can afford, both in time and in dollars?

Catalyst Cohorts and the Catalyst L4L Academy was born.

Our Leadership

Our BRS (Basic Responsibility Structure)

Core Enterprise Leadership Team


Tom started his career as a CPA and became a manager with one of the largest international CPA firms in the world.

Jason Benedict

Jason Benedict is an experienced global executive who has spent over two decades as an innovator in business and social entrepreneurship.

Who We Are

Catalyst Cohorts is a Faith Based Enterprise intending to enrich the lives of Business Owners, CEO’s, Presidents, and Founders who desire to change their thinking and behavior to continually improve and move toward their personal and business success goals. They are moving from Explorers and Entrepreneurs to ENTERPRISERS!

Catalyst Cohorts Core Values

Cohort - kō-hȯrt

Leadership through Core Priorities built from Values

Faith in Action
Amaze & Delight our Clients
with Quality and Value
Enrich the Lives of
everyone we touch
Excel in Good Intentions
and Great Execution
Disrupt through Innovation
Build Trusted Relationships


Why we are (Vision)

We will disrupt the Peer to Peer CEO industry, using technology and best practices, to transform small to mid-sized businesses so they can enrich the lives of everyone with whom they come into contact.

What we are (Mission)

A Catalyst Cohort is a small group that acts like an: a) alternative board of directors, b) brain trust, and c) mentoring faculty rolled into one.

Where are we going (Hope)

Catalyst wants to change the world! Between 2007 and 2012 per Census Bureau data, the number of companies with 100 or more employees declined by 5%. There are now only 102,000 companies in the USA with over 100 employees.

Our Heroic Hope is to double that number in the next 10 years!

Typical Cohort Agenda

  • 1 – 1:15

    Meet & Greet

  • 1:15 – 4:15

    Review Financial Statements and KPIs (15 minutes)
    Leverage & Issues Member Feedback (15 minutes)
         New Leverage Points
        New Issues
        Takeaways documented
        To Dos documented
        New Action Plan

  • 4:15 – 4:30

    Take few minutes break

  • 4:30 – 5:30

    Leverage Points Status
    Old Issues resolution discussion
    More To Dos documented

  • 5:30 – 6:00

        Organizational Excellence and Performance
        Personal Success
        Review Training Video (previously viewed by Members)
    Review Discovery Questions (previously completed by Members)
    10 minute Cohort Exercise

Business Model

How We Do This

Catalyst Cohorts is a movement that stirs up the gifts of its Members. It:

  1. Challenges Founders,
  2. Empowers Founders, and
  3. Sends Founders out to become Great Leaders of other Leaders.

Cohorts consist of 6 similar Members, Marketplace Business Owners or organizational heads with a trained facilitator to manage and move the Cohort forward. Cohorts typically have some similar characteristics- such as B2B; B2C; startups; women in business; business sales between $2 and $10 million, or between $10 and $40 million; some other key demographic or market characteristic.

Once per month on a recurring schedule, the Cohort Members as a group gather for 5 hours:

  1. Preview prior month’s financial results for each member;
  2. Review key performance indicators (KPIs);
  3. Get feedback from the other CEOs and Leader regarding ideas and solutions to issues being raised;
  4. Develop action items based on constraints/ leverage points being identified;
  5. Review follow through of prior period action items;
  6. Topical training from the L4L Academy

The main breakdown today in other “Brain Trust” Cohorts in the marketplace is poor follow through and implementation. Catalyst’s structure is set up with implementation in mind. The implementation process is built on trusted relationships and supported by cloud based technology, state of the art science and business success principles, and accountability and measurement practices.


A Wingman is a foundational relationship between Cohort Members as support and encouragement facilitation. Each Member will team with another Member to support each other and meet periodically between Member meetings. The purpose of Wingman is to help each other prevent activities and actions that get too far out of line from the goals, strategies and purposes each Member has personally and professionally.

Leaders Training Leaders

The Leaders who are Members of the Cohorts will be expected to pass on the training to either their own leadership team or another mix of Leaders they accumulate because true learning deepens when the Learner Trains someone else. This starts a “Pass it On” process within an organization, family, non- profit, etc.

Goal Setting

We want to help you fine tune your Heroic Hope.Each member is expected to start their membership with a period of “get acquainted and prepare for future success”.This is a 3 to 6 month process of building a Personal Plan and a Business Summary Plan and getting their financials in better shape.Will also start with some basic training on reading financial statements and understanding what they are saying. Often redoing financials to give better and more useful decision making information will be required.