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Tom Noon

Getting the Most from Financial Statement Review – Blog 5

This is a six blog series on Why Review Financial Statements? Catalyst Cohorts has re-invented Peer 2 Peer CEO groups with the novel concept that to get the best results from the time we spend helping each other with issues and opportunities we need to know each other’s business or organization better. Because we review Financial Information and Key Performance Indicators each month we get to know each other’s businesses more intimately and in return we know our own business better too! Here is Why, What and How we do this

General Reasons to Review FS

There are very good reasons for our reviewing financial statement! Here are some of them:

Business Planning

  • What is our Business Model and do we need to pivot?
  • Where have we been, what is the rhythm of change, and where are we headed?

Credit Analysis

  • How will financing institutions view the credit worthiness of the business?
  • How are we financing our capital & operational needs?

Investment & Value Analysis

  • What is the business value?
  • How is it changing?

Continuous Improvement Process

  • How do we improve?

Risk Analysis

  • What can happen to us?

Performance Review

  • How are we doing?

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