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We mentor business owners success using our disruptive systems and secrets

Cohort - kō-hȯrt

  • a group of warriors or soldiers;
  • a group of individuals having a statistical factor in common, with an emphasis on comradery!

If you are a typical business owner……

  • You fear the next thing around the corner may just Knock You Out! a. Almost 1/3 of business owners fear they won’t be around in a year (Gallup Poll)
  • Your stress level is going through the roof!
  • You feel like you are constantly between THE Rock and THE Hard Place!
  • No one in your life really understands what you are going through!
  • Things keep getting Harder; More Complicated; More Out of Control!
  • You feel stuck with no hope in sight!
  • You are working more and more and enjoying it less and less!

Do any of these comments sound like YOU?

Is it any wonder; the REAL Stats from the SBA, Forbes, and other business surveys say that only about 50% of small businesses survive as long as 5 years; and only 30% as long as 10 years. (Some industries are much worse.)

Who Can Help? Where Can You Go?

How do you not just Survive, How Do You Grow to Scale?

My name is Tom Noon, the founder of C Level Services and now Catalyst Cohorts, and the producer of the Leadership for Leaders (L4L) Program for Leaders who train Leaders.

I have been a manager with one of the huge International CPA firms; a CFO of a $300 million specialty retailer; helped turn around a publisher and later a specialty contractor; started a software company and an internet company; was a founder in the premier med spa franchisor (learned franchising from scratch); won a Pinnacle Award from Microsoft for use of technology; and created C- Level Services several years ago to help small and mid-sized businesses survive and scale.

Some friends and I started a FREE THINK Tank to help small businesses and non-profit organizations, and that group grew from 4 to standing room only in about a year.

When I asked WHY did you come and WHY did you stay; guess the NUMBER 1 reason…….


Trusted Relationships and Connections!

Owners NEED other like-minded successful Owners as trusted advisors and colleagues- TEAMMATES.That is why I started Catalyst Cohorts using the know-how and experience that I use with my C-Level Services Clients!

So why join Catalyst Cohorts when there are many similar groups out there—Vistage; EO; Alternative Board; C12, and others.

Catalyst Cohorts was created from the ground up to solve the number one failure point for Survival and Scaling a business-

Lack of Change and Follow Through

Catalyst Cohorts are member-based, peer support and accountability groups …groups with Members that become active TEAMATES that support each other focusing on REAL results through proven leadership principles, follow through accountability, and a solid “Brain Trust” of other Owners, all built on a new technology platform.

Catalyst Cohorts meet once a month for half a day, but the L4L (Leadership for Leaders) technology platform I created enhances continued collaboration, accountability and ultimately change and follow through on a 24/7 basis.

Catalyst Cohorts new technological backbone is like a secure, social media business change agent plus it’s a state of the art training system (the Catalyst L4L Academy) all rolled into one.

This backbone combines the latest in scientific know-how regarding how people learn and execute, plus includes years of hard won know-how (the L4L Program) through EXPERIENCE about how business works and grows.

Catalyst Cohorts are value priced so any small or mid-sized business can afford it and Successfully Scale as you change and see your business grow!

Discover how you can begin a new life of less stress and more success through trusted and valued relationships.

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