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The E Conundrum – Why what got you here won’t get you there- scalable success!

The Global Business Tipping Point Solution! – Our Manifesto on what is happening in the real world and how we are now entering into an entirely new revolution that means business will never be the same.

Training Academy

Someday training for business will be done in a way that valuable know how is passed on and can be applied in real life situations right away. Well, that day is TODAY!The Catalyst L4L Academy is a disruptive new way to achieve applied learning. We researched the best practices know today about how our brains work and how we capture know how in a way that can be applied in day to day activity. The result is a blended platform that includes technology and face to face leadership.


The Catalyst Cohorts Tools are intended to give our Members delightful value as a free resource to help them implement Training Topics into their organizations.

Catalyst Cohorts trains our Members to run effective and efficient leadership meetings regularly within their organizations. These meetings build unity and teamwork, inspire performance, enhance communication, solve problems, find Leverage points to build value, and layer accountability.The simple tool is an agenda specifically built to manage these leadership meetings.

Sign in required – Membership is required to access our Training Platform and Tool Box (most of our Tools are tied to a specific Training Topic)
Note- training curriculum and tools complete access are on our Member’s Dashboard

Advisory Council


Our Catalyst Cohorts Advisory Council is a cross section of Best Practice Thought Leaders who have agreed to provide their expertise to our Members. See the Catalyst Blog for the lat4est from our council and look through the Profiles for more information of specific areas of expertise you may need.

Preferred Providers

As an added benefit and service to our Members, Catalyst does due diligence to discover reliable resources for the typical needs our Members have in running their organizations. These resources may be local, national or worldwide. (Note that Catalyst receives no payment in any way from our preferred providers!)Profile- A standard profile with Company Name, Logo, Address, Phone, email; Description; Service coverage area, link to web page With Review and ratings from Members only

Journey Story Project


Journey Story is a purpose filled global, viral, crowd sourced, VIDEO STORY network:

Allowing people to share their Story, in their own language and words about their JOURNEY 2 FIND AND FOLLOW JESUS.

Journey Story also provides a platform to help people who know Jesus to share their and others’ Journey Stories with friends, family, colleagues and even strangers.

Journey Story is like Facebook and YouTube got together to help complete the Great Commission!

The Journey Story Heroic Hope

Is to have Jesus’ Story reach every corner of the WORLD, in every language; As a testimony, in five years

Ford Taylor
Ford Taylor created the Transformational Leadership (TL) Seminar which has trained numerous Executives to be significantly better Leaders. TL is now available “ON Demand” in a cloud based training platform.


The L4L Today Blog has valuable information for anyone waiting to survive & grow their business. Blog posts give proven, experience based counsel in artical areas of competance.

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