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Tom Noon

Getting the Most from Financial Statement Review – Blog 6

This is a six blog series on Why Review Financial Statements? Catalyst Cohorts has re-invented Peer 2 Peer CEO groups with the novel concept that to get the best results from the time we spend helping each other with issues and opportunities we need to know each other’s business or organization better. Because we review Financial Information and Key Performance Indicators each month we get to know each other’s businesses more intimately and in return we know our own business better too! Here is Why, What and How we do this

CC 12 Questions to Ask

Every month in Catalyst Cohort’s Peer 2 Peer CEO meetings we ask one of these questions and the CEOs
answer this question as we go through our financial statement review.

Product or Service:

      1.What is your product or service?
      2.Customer Segments- What customer groups are you serving?
      3.Value Proposition – How are you solving your Customer Segments Felt or Unfelt Needs in a
      unique way?
      4.Revenue Streams- How do you price and successfully offer your value proposition to customers?


      1.How do you Find leads from the marketplace?
      2.What are your marketing Channels?
      3.How do you move leads through your sales funnel as quickly as possible?
      4.How do you communicate your unique value proposition to prospects to get a new customer; and then how do you sell more to these customers?


      1.How do you get important things done in an efficient manner?
      2.How do you report results in a way to make decision making EASY?
      3.How are you developing your inspired workforce?
      4.How do you handle all the regulatory issues?

In our Cohort Meetings we will rotate though these questions- one per month and then repeat year
after year as a means to learn more about our and our teammates businesses in order to offer great

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