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Building Alignment 2

What if there was a secret sauce to building great inspired teams, would you be interested?

The Foundations Course of the Transformational Leadership (TL) Seminar by Ford Taylor is such a secret sauce. The TL seminar is widely acclaimed as a life changing experience in building leadership skills.

Catalyst Cohorts is uniquely blessed to be able to bring you Ford and this Foundations Course topical training.

What You Will Experience in TL? The Foundations Course is the launching pad!

  • Identifying and removing individual and team constraints which are barriers to success for public and private companies, educational and inspirational organizations and social enterprises
  • Identifying personal growth constraints and understanding the origins of these constraints
  • Improving communication between individuals and departments
  • Conflict resolution – both personal and professional
  • How to deal with Social Anxiety in personal and professional settings
  • Gaining the necessary tools required to become transformational leaders and agents of change
  • Enhancing various leadership styles in personal and professional spheres of influence
  • Transforming interpersonal relationships among employees, teams, partnerships, boards and other areas of engagement

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Paradigms & Principles


The L4L Enterprise Wheel give context to our topical training lessons so you always know where the topic fits in the big picture of becoming and ENTERPRISER! Lessons are color coded and fit within the Categories that build the Wheel.

The greatest path to successful change runs right through your thinking, the paradigms or world views you hold. Successful Enterprises are led by Leaders who subscribe to some very basic Paradigms. If you want to succeed, it helps to know these foundational Paradigms.

Paradigm Topics will be a key core to the L4L Academy.

But, you need more!

You need Principles that give know-how and experience that have been proven to work.

How you succeed is a combination of Paradigms and Principles!


Ford Taylor is the Founder of FSH Strategy Consultants, Inc., which includes of Transformational Leadership (TL) Training Consulting and Non-Profit Foundation.

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