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Tom Noon

Creating Dependable, Predictable, Scalable Revenue


Who doesn’t want dependable, predictable, scalable revenue?

Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler comes from an engineer’s viewpoint.

Arron Ross, a civil engineer by training, was an early Sales Force CRM Sales Manager and helped build its success in the early years. He goes through detailed and practical systems and processes and lessons to show how SF grew in a predictable and repeatable way. He does not stay totally in the trenches, but comes out once in a while for a fresh breath of sales leadership thinking.

He has subsequently honed his theories in a number of unrelated industries, so the applications will work for most industries at some level.

His basic concept does not rely solely on either inbound leads or on outbound sales, but a mix of both. For outbound sales he is adamant about the wisdom of segregating lead generation and closing because the focus is different for each.

His 3 Keys to Predictable Revenue are:

  1. Predictable lead generation- the most important thing for creating predictable revenue.
  2. A sales development team that bridges the chasm between marketing and sales.
  3. Consistent sales system- without consistency you have no predictability.

Many companies have an early positive start with somewhat organic growth. But eventually sales falter and stress, missed results and uncertainty show up.

A CEO must move from organic growth to proactive growth which requires new habits, practices and systems, which can cause a lot of delays and frustration. But, how to go through this on a planned and sustainable process? That is the gist of the book.

It is a how to manual for creating a repeatable, predictable scalable sales system and process. The system is a self-manageable process, bottleneck free and relying on team management to grow and succeed.

I think the real benefit of the book is an engineer wrote it. The testing and lessons learned over multiple years and companies are freely explained in the book, saving countless hours and dollars on false starts.

Predictable Revenue is at its essence a lead generation and sales manual, tempered by real life results, with step by step tactics, that can be replicated and tested in your Company.

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