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Tom Noon

Sales Acceleration Formula Review

sales_acceleration_formulaOnce in a while I read a book and say — wow– xyz can really use this to their benefit.

Thought of you all when I read this.

The author is an MIT engineer turned salesman, manager, director, consultant. When author Mark Roberge joined HubSpot, it was just another software startup with a big idea but no numbers to prove it would work. In only a few years, Mark took HubSpot past the $100 million revenue mark using the strategy and tactics he details in The Sales Acceleration Formula.

I personally believe most disruption comes from outside an industry because of entrenched, “We always did it this way and we are successful at it” mentality. Roberge proves this applying a scientific test and pivot approach to figuring the best course to determine what prospects really want and need, then how to best find people that can answer that call. This is not a canned approach, but rather a methodology that helps build scalable sales across multiple market places.

The Sales Acceleration Formula provides a scalable, predictable approach to growing revenue and building a winning sales team. Everyone wants to build the next $100 million business and author Mark Roberge has actually done it using a unique methodology that he shares with his readers. As an MIT alum with an engineering background,

Roberge challenged the conventional methods of scaling sales utilizing the metrics-driven, process-oriented lens through which he was trained to see the world. In this book, he reveals his formulas for success. Readers will learn how to apply data, technology, and inbound selling to every aspect of accelerating sales, including hiring, training, managing, and generating demand.

This book outlines his approach and provides an action plan, a formula if you will, for others to replicate his success, including the following key elements:

  • Hire the same successful salesperson every time — The Sales Hiring Formula
  • Train every salesperson in the same manner — The Sales Training Formula
  • Hold salespeople accountable to the same sales process — The Sales Management Formula
  • Provide salespeople with the same quality and quantity of leads every month — The Demand Generation Formula
  • Leverage technology to enable better buying for customers and faster selling for salespeople

This book is very helpful in the details and stories about where Roberge found people and how he hired, trained and managed sales for a startup that rapidly grew to a $100 million company.

Think you will get a lot out of this!

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